Financial Aid

Insurance Reimbursement

Depending upon level placement, a certain number of classroom hours qualify as “group language treatment.” While each family is solely responsible for tuition and fees, we will provide the information necessary for you to complete and submit insurance claim forms on a monthly basis. 

Therapeutic services are provided through the Carruth Center. Please visit their site for tips on insurance and tax information.

Please also see our Financial Resources and Information page for more information on tuition as a medical expense, tax ramifications, tuition loan resources and more.

Tax Advantages

Consult your tax advisor regarding deductions for:

  • Medical or therapy expenses
  • Child care tax credit (for early childhood students)
  • Managed Care

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available for families of The Parish School during the regular academic year.

The Financial Assistance Committee of The Board of Directors reviews and processes requests for tuition assistance. Awards are based on the amount of funds available, the family’s demonstrated need, and the number of families requesting assistance. Interested families may contact with any questions.

Applications for assistance may be made at any time provided funds are available. The Parish School provides tuition assistance for qualified children of any race, color, religion and ethnic origin.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Families who have been accepted to The Parish School may apply for tuition assistance by filling out an online application made available by Financial Aid for School Tuition. Please note that your application for tuition assistance will not be considered until it is received by FAST Processing.

Apply for FAST

Once you have completed the application process, you must also submit these forms:

Mail applications and above information to:
FAST Processing
Re: The Parish School
1316 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE 19806