The Parish School Tuition

All parents at The Parish School benefit from at least $11,000 in “tuition assistance,” as tuition only covers about 71% of our operating costs. The remaining 29% needed to support our students is obtained through fundraising efforts, foundation gifts and generosity of alumni, corporations and benefactors.

Please refer to our financial aid page to learn about insurance reimbursement opportunities and financial assistance.

2018-19 Tuition

$30,975* for all levels
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*Consult your tax advisor regarding deductions for medical or therapy expenses and child expenses.

Admissions Processing Fees
$50 Application Fee (due with application)
$150 Informal Screening Fee
$200 Class Visitation and Placement Fee

Other Enrollment Fees (due at time of contract)
$300 Activity Fee
$300 Building Fee

Optional Programs

We have added both early morning drop-off and extended day options!
See our Optional Programs.

Payment Schedules

  • Option 1: “One Payment Plan”: Payment of tuition in full (plus activity fee & building fee) when contract is due.
  • Option 2: “Two Payment Plan”: Payment of half of tuition (plus activity fee & building fee) when contract is due and payment of the remaining half of tuition by January 1 of the school year.
  • Option 3: “Monthly Payment Plan”: Payment of a deposit of $3,250 when contract is due and the balance of tuition is prorated over the remaining billing months for that school year. The activity fee and building fee are added to the first monthly invoice. The monthly payment option incurs a carrying fee of 3.5%. Billing months start in June prior to the start of the school year and are for 10 months.

Payment options include cash, check, direct debit and credit card. Please refer to the contract and payment authorization form for details.


The Parish School does not discriminate on the basis of a child’s race, gender, creed or religious beliefs.