Camp Social Superheroes

Camp Social Superheroes at Camp for All

Summer 2018 dates to come!

Practice Social Thinking® in a fun camp atmosphere

Camp Social Superheroes is a six-day, overnight camp at Camp for All in Burton, TX, where children ages 8-12 learn and practice Social Thinking.® Campers attend a daily social group and learn lessons that help them understand social cognitive concepts used in everyday life situations.

Counselors and speech-language pathologists help campers read cues, adapt to others and solve problems during fun camp activities like:

  • swimming
  • canoeing
  • horseback riding
  • eating meals together
  • “hanging out” in cabins
  • campfire activities
  • and so much more!

This is an incredible opportunity for campers to make friends and gain real life experience exploring social learning.

Goals include:

  • Blending and sharing space in groups
  • Learning hidden social rules
  • Guessing other people’s thoughts, feelings and motives
  • Understanding friendships
  • Reading cues
  • Solving social problems
  • Connecting with others through conversations and “hanging out”


Summer 2018 info to come!

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Renee Attaway, MS, CCC-SLP