The Parish School exists to educate children who have communication delays and learning differences, empowering them with the tools to succeed.

Core Values


Be brave and bold. The Parish School approaches ideas and situations with an open-mind – being flexible, resourceful and innovative in all we do. We inspire creativity in our students and in each other, collaborating to create conditions for others to thrive.


The Parish School inspires a love of lifelong learning in our students and each other. We care for and educate the whole child, as well as the whole family. We empower children to discover and grow their strengths, affirming their uniqueness.


We approach each day and everything we do with passion, going above and beyond to demonstrate dedication and commitment in our work to serve others.


We act in the best interest of each child at The Parish School.


We look differently at differences. The Parish School believes in the intrinsic value and potential of every human being. Every person has the right to communicate and connect – to tell their story, to share their feelings, to have their voice.