Arts and Sciences

The Parish School Elementay Musical Performance
A Young Boy in Art Class at The Parish School
Child looks for books in The Parish School library
Students examine plants and creatures in nature studies class at The Parish School

Specialized Instructional Activities

The arts, sports, technology, and other specialized activities can help identify hidden abilities, boost self-esteem and promote self-expression. Students attend each of our arts and sciences classes at least once per week. The programs listed below are fully integrated with our classroom studies and are designed to:

  • Foster self awareness
  • Identify and explore feelings
  • Develop coping skills
  • Initiate verbal expression
  • Work on fine and gross motor development
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Build confidence
  • Develop unique learning strategies
  • Provide children another safe and enjoyable outlet for self-expression


Art is led by a licensed art therapist and allows students to interact with a variety of materials that encourage self-expression and appreciation of the artistic process. We work with a variety of mediums that facilitate growth and learning, including drawing, painting, sculpting and mixed media exploration.

Digital Learning

Technology use reinforces a child’s educational experience. Specific software and applications are selected to improve students’ keyboarding skills and enhance academic, language and social learning. Our teaching and learning environment integrates interactive SMART boards, iPads and laptops to prepare students for success in the digital world. Additionally, our computer lab and makerspace provide opportunities for students to research, explore and create.


A positive and nurturing library experience helps children acquire and develop a joy for reading. This part of our curriculum reinforces literacy and listening skills, while fostering responsibility and respect. Library time also helps develop student-initiated searches for information. 


Led by a licensed music therapist, students engage in musical expression through listening to music, singing, playing instruments and dancing, as well as opportunities for creativity and stress release. Students learn performance skills, practice audience listening skills, develop self-confidence, and improve teamwork strategies through solo and group performances.

Nature Studies

Our nature curriculum is integrated with each classroom’s current theme or project and supports each student’s learning goals. This weekly class provides our students with opportunities to engage all of their senses, resulting in a deeper understanding of academic content and social concepts, as well as an opportunity to explore and develop an appreciation for the natural environment.

Physical Education

PE is a key part of children’s multisensory learning. Motor skills, coordination, muscle strength and endurance are essential for the health and growth of all children. Group games and introduction to sports develop cooperation, teamwork, social skills, communication competence and sportsmanship. Many children are body smart and find a place to excel thru PE.


Students have multiple opportunities to pretend, role-play and strengthen communication and learning concepts through integration of classroom themes and goals. Drama performances are an avenue to find and develop talent, while building self-confidence and increasing public speaking skills.