Library Lab

child reading book in library
students in computer lab
child blowing up balloon for balloon powered rocket in school makerspace

Library Lab supports classroom activity and state library curriculum standards, with an emphasis on engaged reading, research and evaluation skills, and intellectual independence. There are three sections of the library to find answers to questions, explore and play: the book section, the computer lab and the makerspace.

Book and Research Center

Students visit the library weekly to explore personal interests, select books for home and classroom use and learn research skills. 

Digital Learning Center

Technology use reinforces a child’s educational experience. In our school library, we offer a computer lab to improve students’ keyboarding skills and enhance academic, language and social learning, while also learning about digital citizenship and computer science.


With a greater shift toward 21st century skills and inquiry/project-based learning campus-wide, the library has expanded to include a makerspace. Makerspaces are creative, DIY spaces where students may gather to create, invent and learn, and are popping up in many school libraries. The makerspace is where students can learn by doing. Students hone creative and critical thinking skills by studying something for weeks or months, adapting to where their explorations take them and learning from their peers.

As in most makerspaces, the emphasis is on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). You will find bins of raw materials like cardboard, tape and string to build contraptions; electronics like iPads, simple robots, or circuitry kits; and tools for exploring simple machines or taking apart an appliance to see how it works.

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For more information, contact our Library Lab Instructors:

Jill Wood, Librarian, at
Jennifer Beleiff, Technology Coordinator, at