Measuring Success

Student working on class assignment at The Parish School

Our goal is to give each child the tools needed to succeed in any educational environment. We measure student achievement through a variety of ways and guide families when it is time to transition to a new school. We fill communication and learning gaps and remediate lagging skills. Our goal is to give every child the opportunity to grow and gain the tools needed to succeed in their next school environment, whether it be a public or private school setting.

Therapy Care Plan

Upon enrollment, a baseline performance is established and our professional team develops a Therapy Care Plan that targets essential language, social and academic skills.


We administer standardized assessments to measure a child’s growth in a quantitative manner. Performance-based and observational assessments throughout the year include completed projects and personal portfolios that document a student’s progress.


Written reports that communicate our professional team’s comprehensive assessment of progress are provided three times per year.


Parent-teacher conferences are designed to include parents’ input into their child’s educational plan. Individual conferences are scheduled in October and February and are about 45 minutes in length to ensure all families have sufficient time to discuss their student’s individual progress.


Parents and outside professionals working with a student are encouraged to observe in the classroom or via our one-way mirror. However, due to limited space, issues of confidentiality, and the scheduling of prospective parents, all appointments must be scheduled by calling the office at least one day in advance.