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529 Plans

Beginning in 2018, Congress introduced a change to increase tax savings for individuals paying for K-12 private school education. The 529 plan was started in 1996 to encourage individuals to contribute to a long-term savings account for tax-advantages for future college costs. This plan was recently changed to reimburse up to $10,000 of K-12 tuition, per beneficiary, per year.

Summary of 529 plans:

  • Tax advantaged investment accounts originally designed to help families pay for college
  • Rough equivalent of Roth IRAs for education
  • Money goes in after tax
  • Funds grow tax-free
  • Distributions are tax exempt if used for qualified education expenses

For more info, visit 529 Plans: Questions and Answers.

Be sure to consult your financial advisor, accountant or attorney for specific information and guidance. This material is strictly for informational purposes only, and not intended to provide legal, tax or financial advice.

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