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Paul Thomas Brueckner (August 12, 2004 to July 2017) attended The Parish School from 2009 – 2012. Karl, Jennifer, Paul and little sister Ali quickly became involved in activities at the school, contributing their time, talent and treasure to make everyone’s experience even more bright, even staying involved with campus life after Paul commenced. Paul was beloved by the teachers, staff and students on campus, and he and his family will always hold a special place in our hearts. For information on funeral arrangements, please visit Paul's full memorial page.

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Jill Wood, Director of Adventure Play and Parish Librarian, remembers Paul:

"Paul was one of the children we called the heart of the Adventure Play community. He understood so beautifully that he was part of something bigger. One spring, he took it on himself to destroy every thistle in the tall grass because it was pokey and made exploration less fun for the group. This was on about an acre of grass, and thistles were plentiful. He dug for weeks, enlisting and leading other children so there were 6 kids at a time, jumping on shovels to get them into the hard packed soil, working with conviction to make the tall grass “less spikey.”

He loved to climb up high, settle in, and observe; he looked as comfortable 10 feet off the ground as most people do in their living rooms. And he had a powerful engineering mind. He could tinker his way to whatever his friends or his curiosity needed: a slingshot, a magic staff, an obstacle course, a sorting system for rocks.

Paul is all over our playground through the projects he worked on, but also the culture of generosity he helped create. I imagine he is perched somewhere, very high, inventing something that removes thistles elegantly, or just listening to the wind."

Jamie Heinrich, retired Parish Teacher, remembers Paul:

For two years in my classroom I was privileged to enjoy the bright mind and loving spirit of sweet Paul. He loved hands-on learning in science and had an interest in geography. It was a pleasure watching Paul’s confidence build as he participated in our classroom family. Outdoor play was where he would shine and take on leadership roles. You could always tell when he had a new idea by the glint in his eye and that endearing half smile. Paul loved being with his friends. It was truly a gift to watch him grow and learn new things with the support of his loving family. He loved his family and was blessed to be surrounded by people who adored him.

Adrien Moshenberg, former Parish teacher, remembers Paul:

"I had the pleasure of working with Paul in reading. Paul was determined to read each book placed before him and worked earnestly to sound out every word on the page. His hard work was punctuated with smiles of self-satisfaction after finishing a particularly challenging passage. My favorite moments with Paul were when his quiet concentration gave way to peals of laughter as the characters in his favorite stories found themselves in funny predicaments. He had a fantastic laugh and a great sense of humor.

Paul knew how to work hard, how to celebrate his accomplishments, and how to take joy in the small moments."

Elsie Torres-Verdejo, Parish Early Childhood Educator, remembers Paul:

"Paul was in the Busy Bee class his very first year at The Parish School. I remember that he was a bit quiet at first but he was inquisitive and enjoyed learning new things. He worked hard and you could tell when he was focused on something because his expression was usually a serious one. However, when he did smile, his smile was genuine and true. He was a sweet and kind little boy. He was everything that a teacher could want as a student. He was everything that another child could want as a friend."

Hilary Yip, former Parish Music Educator/Therapist, remembers Paul:

"Paul was proud that he knew how to play the piano. He was eager to share Beethoven's 5th Symphony theme with his classmates. And when he did, his love for music inspired other students to learn piano. He will be missed." 


In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made in memory of Paul to The Parish School. 

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