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Building Blocks of Play

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If play is the work of children, then toys are their tools. Some of the most recommended and favored toys for young children are simple blocks. While blocks may seem “old-school” because they lack the bells and whistles of today’s modern toys, they are a staple in early childhood programs and toy boxes across the globe for good reason.

Building blocks improve a child’s ability to use his hands, his mind and his language. Stacking small blocks to build a tower not only strengthens hands and shoulders, but also refines eye-hand coordination.

Combining Legos in various combinations advances hand dexterity, pincer grasp and body and spacial awareness needed for later academic tasks such as writing.

Developing ideas or following plans for the construction of Lincoln Log structures challenges motor planning and spatial awareness abilities.

Additionally, building with blocks encourages creativity, math concepts, joint attention and spatial vocabulary.

Blocks of all kinds, shapes and materials are truly wonderful toys to engage with your child. Start simply with just a few minutes of daily construction play that might include observing your child’s work, commenting, helping and sharing. Increase the time and complexity of play as your child’s interest and skills improve. Construction toys are time proven tools to develop a multitude of skills needed for play, self-care and academics.

Lego building blocks