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Parenting Children with ADHD

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Webinar recording from March 9, 2021, featuring Dr. Kimberly Harrison

Do you ever wonder why your child with ADHD has trouble getting started on chores or homework? Do you notice they get off track when following seemingly simple instructions? Is it chaotic getting out of the house in the morning? This session features Dr. Kimberly Harrison, who presents why individuals with ADHD operate in different ways, and what to do to get things done more efficiently to start enjoying more peace and harmony at home.

Dr. Kimberly B. Harrison is a clinical psychologist who diagnosis, treats and does research with persons who have ADHD. She is passionate about helping parents and children discover their personal giftedness and develop ways to use these strengths to overcome areas of deficit.

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About Dr. Kimberly Harrison, Founder of The Conative Group

Dr. Harrison has been in private practice in the Houston area since 2012, and founded The Conative Group, PLLC, in 2016. She provides individual and group therapy and psychoeducational testing services. She is also an in-demand speaker known for speaking on ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Classroom Management, Emotion Regulation, Adulting Skills, and the Psycho-Educational Testing Process. She is an active researcher in the fields of ADHD, Transition to Adulthood, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Harrison is passionate about helping parents and their children get to root issues that are causing difficulty at home and school.