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Camp Connect Canceled for Summer 2020

Camp Aranzazu has made the decision to close their camp for the summer. Information about the closing can be found at Because of Aranzazu’s closure we will not be able to offer Camp Connect this year. This is heart breaking news for all of us at The Parish School and The Carruth Center. We look forward to our summer camp programs at least as much as your teenagers do!

We understand the desire for your teenagers to see their camp friends and counselors. Camp Director, Renee Attaway will be hosting a Camp Connect get-together on Friday, July 24, 2020 from 3-5 p.m. on The Parish School campus. This will be a time for friends and counselors to see each other, sing camp songs and participate in general camp shenanigans. There is no charge for this event and we truly hope you will bring your teens to participate. If we are unable to hold this event on-site because of restrictions from COVID-19, we will offer a camp get-together via Zoom.

Those of you who have paid your deposits or paid for camp in-full have two options. Please let Mimi Branham, Carruth Center Clinic Director, know which option you would like to choose by emailing her at

Option 1 - If you would like a full refund, we can process that within the next 20 – 30 days. The refund will go to your credit card used to pay for the services or will be provided via check if you paid via ACH.

Option 2 - You can roll over your deposit and/or payment to Camp Connect 2021! We will be back next year stronger than ever!! Dates for Camp Connect next year are July 21 – July 25, 2021. 

If your camper happens to be 12 years old, you have a 3rd option in addition to the two listed above. You are welcome to switch your registration to our Camp Social Superheroes held July 5-10, 2020. We can apply your application and medical forms to Camp Social Superheroes, so no additional paperwork is needed. This camp is still scheduled and Camp for All is committed to making the camp a success. We can also extend this to our 13-year-olds for this year, given the unprecedented canceling of Camp Connect. Unfortunately, our younger camp is not designed for older teens so we’re unable to extend this offer past 13 years of age.

Camp Connect is unique and offers an experience that is hard to find for our teens. It offers teenagers a chance to experience a summer camp like so many of their friends in a safe and supportive environment. They also get the opportunity to immerse themselves in social learning and practice new social concepts with peers. At camp they learn independence, resilience and initiation. They create new friendships, take risks socially, and learn to think differently about the social world. We are despondent that we will not be able to watch our teens mature and thrive at camp this year. Please reach out to us for any support your teen needs as you share this news with them. We can ask Renee or a favorite camp counselor to have a zoom meeting with them to say hello, or consider any other support your teen may need after hearing this news.

Thank you for your loyalty to The Parish School’s Social Learning programs and camps.




Held at Camp Aranzazu - July 22-26, 2020

$1,400 (includes bus, food, lodging, therapy services and activities at camp)
$85 intake fee is required for all new Social Learning campers

Departs from The Parish School at 12 p.m. on Wednesday, July 22 and returns at 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 26.

Giving teenagers the social tools to connect with others

The Parish School’s Camp Connect is a 5-day overnight camp held at Camp Aranzazu for 12- to 16-year-olds who struggle with social skills. From the founder of Camp Social Superheroes, Camp Connect continues to embrace the Social Thinking® methodology. Campers learn to connect with others, adapt to social environments and solve social problems, while enjoying a camp experience with team challenges, rock walls, fun activities and more. Goals are customized for each camper.

Counselors have a background in speech-language pathology and special education, and provide direct therapy within small groups (5:1 student ratio). 

Camp Connect focuses on the following concepts:

  • Perspective-taking
  • Social observation skills
  • Understanding and forming friendships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Hidden social rules for teenagers


Download and complete the Camp Connect Application (PDF), and submit to The Carruth Center by email. You may also fax or deliver to the front office.

Contact Us:

If you have questions about camp, contact Renee Attaway, MS, CCC-SLP.