Parish School Volunteers

Looking for ways to get involved?

We consider our dedicated group of volunteers as one of our greatest assets. The Parish School depends on volunteers—whether parents, alumni, high school/college students or community organizations—for the success of events and programs. There are a number of ways for families and friends to get involved throughout the year.

Sign up for a volunteer position via Signup.com or email advancement@parishschool.org for more information.

Fall Family Garden Day

Saturday, October 16
Event & volunteer time: 9am-12pm

Volunteers help clean, prune and trim various plants, bushes and flower gardens for fruit and vegetable planting. Volunteers may bring shovels, chainsaws, loppers, pruning shears, garden gloves.

Poinsettia Fundraiser Deliveries

Wednesday, December 1 & Thursday, December 2
Volunteer time: approximately 9:30am-3pm (you do not have to work the entire shift, any hours are appreciated!)
5 to 10 volunteers are needed to help unload poinsettias from delivery trucks, count and sort. We also need help handing them out in carpool lines, as well as delivery of plants to our school partners. More information on times/dates to follow.

The Parish School Gala

Event time: 6pm-midnight

The Ballroom at Bayou Place, 500 Texas St.
Event is held in the evening with opportunities to assist with event set-up the morning of the gala. Additionally, there are opportunities to help at the event with registration, online auction and event breakdown. There will be training before the event starts for volunteers.

Spring Family Garden Day

Saturday, March 26
Event & volunteer time: 9am-noon

The Parish School

Help clean, prune and trim various plants, bushes and flower gardens for fruit and vegetable planting. Volunteers may bring shovels, chainsaws, loppers, pruning shears and garden gloves, etc.

Grandparents' Garden Group

Do you enjoy digging in the dirt, planting flowers or watering plants? Or are you just looking to get more involved at The Parish School? Join the Parish Grandparents' Garden Group. Whether you're a master gardener or a novice looking to learn, we'd love to have you! This team meets throughout the year to keep Parish's many gardens growing, and this year, we're including your grandchild in the fun! If interested in joining, contact Terri Garth at tgarth@parishschool.org.

Uniform Exchange

Sift through and organize donated Parish School uniforms for our “Uniform Exchange” program.

Room Parent

Volunteer to be a liaison between the Parish PTO and the families of your classroom.

Office Support - Filled for 2021-22

Assist with tasks such as data input, updating the bulletin boards, answering phones, bulk mailings and more.

Listening Friends

As children learn to read fluently, they need the chance to read aloud to people as often as possible. We are looking for parents and grandparents who would like to volunteer to listen to children read on an on-going basis.


Volunteer to help the Library Chair and our Librarian, Jill Wood, by sorting through returned books and general library organization.


Help take pictures of school and classroom events. For volunteers with design experience, we would love your help with the layout of the yearbook.