Social Thinking Groups and Labs

social thinking group at the parish school

Groups Offered

Student Groups

Groups are available for students between the ages of preschool (4 years old) and high school (19 years old). Groups meet for one hour weekly each semester (fall, spring and summer).

Our groups are carefully combined to include students of similar social communication levels and social needs, as well as age. A maxium of four students are accepted in most groups, although a few accept 5-6 students.

Social Thinking® is most successful for children who have average learning potential, solid language abilities, and an awareness of other children around them.

Parent Groups

Interactive parent workshops are hosted by Social Learning at The Parish School. Parents in the Houston area will learn more about social cognition and the concepts their children need to successfully navigate the social world at home and in the classroom.

Steps for Enrollment in Groups:

1. Contact The Carruth Center at to initiate the process for enrollment and find out about available spots.
2. Schedule a Social Learning consultation ($85) if the student is not enrolled at The Parish School.
3. Complete contract form, social cognitive checklists and information forms before the beginning of group each semester.


Contact Us

Interested in finding out more about Social Learning or receiving a consultation to determine if our groups are a good match for your child’s social needs?

Contact The Carruth Center at or 713.935.9088.