Educational Philosophy

An elementary student presents on George Bush to his class at The Parish School

Our Beliefs

  • Every individual has the right to communicate and connect – to tell their story, to share their feelings, to have their voice.
  • Creativity and collaboration create conditions for students to thrive.
  • Students thrive when education is focused on the whole child, which encompasses the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and talent development of children.
  • Children learn best through multisensory teaching and experiences.
  • Parents are valued partners in their child’s education.

Our Objectives

  • Provide a supportive educational environment for children who struggle in traditional settings.
  • Teach an experience-based curriculum integrating communication, social competence and academic preparedness.
  • Provide a positive, nurturing environment to build self-confidence, independence, self-advocacy and resilience.
  • Group children according to their strengths and needs by using multi-aged groupings in each classroom.
  • Develop Therapy Care Plans that will provide the optimal opportunity for each child to move at his or her own pace through the curriculum.
  • Remediate language and academic weakness using therapeutic teaching techniques.
  • Utilize and teach students learning strategies and problem-solving skills.
  • Involve parents in all aspects of their child's development and education.