Elements of a Successful Learner

Elements that determine a successful learner

The Parish School adopted the Elements of a Successful Learner to answer the question, "What will a child ready to transition from The Parish School look like?" We believe the following six elements are key for a child to find success in school and in life. These elements are integrated into the interactions, experiences and curriculum at The Parish School.


A variety of research-based approaches foster skills needed to be an effective communicator; including speaking, understanding and processing language, using words to get one’s needs met, and sharing ideas and conversation. Both the early childhood and elementary programs strive to equip children with the communication skills needed for academics, relationships and life.

Academic Preparedness

Curriculum across all classrooms is fully-aligned to Texas state guidelines and standards. Instruction is individualized to meet each child’s unique learning needs.


Specific strategies infused throughout the day guide the development of emotional competence, perseverance and adaptability. We teach children to measure success by the effort, not the outcome. Children are encouraged to work through disappointment, find another way, and to keep trying.

Independence and Self-Advocacy

Teaching methods and reinforcement aid children in learning how to increasingly care for their own needs, recognize when to ask for help or clarification, initiate with others and problem-solve.

Social Competence

A variety of techniques are used to help children gain skills needed for developing friendships and positive relationships, play, perspective taking, self-regulation, and conflict resolution. The Parish School’s Social Emotional Language & Learning Program (SELLP) addresses needs through Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® and Conscious Discipline. These approaches are integrated into all classrooms, adding richness to our therapeutic program.


Children are empowered through thoughtful, dynamic intervention, which facilitates the development of a strong sense of self. Within a nurturing environment, students begin to recognize and utilize tools and strategies that help them learn best, increasing their confidence in themselves and their capabilities.


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