"Charlie first came to The Parish School at age 4, and his teachers were so supportive. Charlie was in a very safe place, but was still mute. The Parish School teachers and professionals worked their miracles, with the help of professionals, and at age 7, Charlie had a solo and speaking parts in the school musical. “I have the power to speak” were the words he proudly proclaimed. He was so proud of that night, and we cried buckets!”

— Elizabeth & Michael, Charlie’s Parents

"The Parish School goes above and beyond wanting to see our children succeed; they nurture them, LOVE them, encourage them and have the compassion and patience that’s needed. Words cannot express how grateful I am that my son goes to The Parish School and has the opportunity to attend Camp Acorn.”

— Ryan, Zane’s Mom

"Dean is thriving, steadily gaining new verbal and social skills under expert and caring teachers. He loves his school, as we do, and we now look to the future with great hope and excitement. The staff of the Parish School feels like family to us, and we are truly blessed to be a part of Robbin Parish’s amazing legacy.”

— Aisha & Lyle, Dean’s Parents

"We cannot express how grateful we are that we moved to the Houston-area and were led to find Parish. We have embraced the program as a whole since it has not only helped our son, but educated us as parents. It has given us the tools and confidence to monitor his childhood, advocate for his needs, and work with staff and educators that have made an immeasurable difference in our son’s future.”

— Jennifer & Ryan, Quentin’s Parents

"The entire staff works together to provide an individualized approach in a group setting; children grow academically and socially. This is a unique and very special place. As Brett moves to his new school, we will still stay involved and even return for music lessons with Ms. Hilary!”

— Lauren & Andrew, Brett’s Parents

"The staff works with his differences to draw out his abilities in a way that is non-threatening and life changing. His academics have flourished in an environment where he has been loved and challenged each day. The teachers and staff at The Parish School truly 'get' it.”

— Leslie & Andy, Christian’s Parents

"Whether it is children at the beach, the cashier at the grocery store, and everyone in between, Maddie greets them, asks them their name and introduces herself. We always knew she would be a social butterfly once she had the language skills she needed. The Parish School has helped her to spread her beautiful wings and she is now unafraid to show them to the world.”

— Colleen & Clay, Maddie’s Parents

"Adventure Play teaches Ryan to be flexible and accommodating when executing other peoples’ ideas, which he often has a hard time with. Completing his projects gives Ryan a good sense of accomplishment and builds his self-esteem.”

— Jenny & Jeff, Ryan’s Parents