The Parish Way


We feature a highly collaborative environment among our instructional staff, therapists and administrators. Through our fully-integrated approach to education, specialists at The Parish School and The Carruth Center work together to create a plan that helps children participate across all environments. 


We meet children where they are. We utilize learning strengths to teach each child how to compensate for learning weaknesses and develop problem-solving skills.

Communication Support

Our focus is on developing children's ability to communicate effectively. In our early childhood levels, lead teachers have a master’s in speech-language pathology. In our elementary levels, speech-language pathologists are integrated into the classroom for 6-8 hours per week as co-educators.

Visual Learning Support

Most students with communication delays and learning differences are visual learners. A print-rich classroom environment supporting language comprehension as well as a variety of pictures and written schedules is an element of every classroom.

Auditory Learning Support

Students with communication delays and learning differences may be auditory learners or demonstrate difficulty processing auditory information. Each classroom is equipped with a sound system that enhances the teacher's voice during group instruction. In effect, each child in the classroom has a “front row” seat.

Low Class Ratios

Our class student to adult ratio is capped at 5:1 and may be lower depending on the age and level of the child. Low ratios give students the opportunity to receive more individualized instruction and support to develop their communication skills.

Multi-Age Groupings

Children are grouped by varying ages and developmental levels. Multi-age/multi-level groupings allow students to learn from peer models while also having the opportunity to be a model for other children.

Integrated Arts and Sciences

Our program is unique in that art, library, music, nature studies, physical education, technology and theater arts classes are all integrated into our curriculum. Our arts and sciences educators collaborate with classroom instructors to support the learning in the classroom and provide a fully integrated approach to education. Students have the opportunity to shine and gain confidence with a wide variety of educational programs available to them.

Nature Studies

Outdoor experiences facilitate communication, social competence, creativity, curiosity and physical well-being. The campus provides outdoor learning environments, classroom porches, nature trails, and 17 wooded acres for this purpose. Nature studies class is integrated into our curriculum and gives students the opportunity to explore their natural environment.

Social-Emotional Language & Learning Program

The Parish School’s Social Emotional Language & Learning Program (SELLP) supports the integration of whole-child learning across developmental domains, such as social-emotional, communication, adaptive behavior, academic learning, and physical and sensory adaptability. SELLP is a school-wide, multi-tier model of support that incorporates preventative and intervention strategies to promote successful group learning, self-regulation, independence and resilience. SELLP addresses needs through the use of Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® and Conscious Discipline®. These approaches are integrated into all classrooms, adding richness to our therapeutic program. Educators provide choices, set consistent and firm boundaries, and give abundant praise and encouragement. Educators identify what a child is trying to communicate, encourage them to problem-solve the situation and use positive and individualized techniques to help students express themselves in socially and emotionally appropriate ways.

Social Learning

Thinking socially is necessary to form fulfilling relationships and to interact successfully with others in the classroom and in life. The Social Thinking® approach is implemented in all classrooms to teach social language concepts through weekly social groups and activities.