Social Learning

Social Learning and Social Thinking therapist instructs a social thinking group at The Parish School

Social Learning at The Parish School

The Parish School offers a full social learning program developed from Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking® methodology. The program has two missions and components:

Social Thinking® at The Parish School

Across The Parish School's curriculum, classrooms implement Social Thinking® vocabulary and concepts in social and academic lessons. Our elementary and early childhood speech-language pathologists participate in frequent trainings with Renee Attaway, Social Learning Consultant at The Parish School. In addition, staff-wide workshops are held to ensure that the campus is effectively implementing Social Thinking® concepts.

Social Learning Therapeutic Program

Located at The Parish School campus, our program offers Social Thinking® services to Parish students, as well as to children from throughout the Houston community of all diagnoses or no diagnoses. Over 60 percent of our clients come from the Houston community. The program offers Social Thinking® groups to preschool through high school students, individual social-cognitive therapy and workshops for parents and professionals. Learn more about our therapeutic groups.

The program also holds an annual overnight camp for 8 to 12 year-olds called Camp Social Superheroes, and a camp for teens called Camp Connect.

What is Social Thinking®?

Social Thinking is the ability to consider your own and other people’s thoughts, emotions, intentions, beliefs, knowledge (and more) to help interpret and respond to the information mentally first and then possibly through social behavioral interactions. Basically, it is the thinking that we do when we share space with other people. When we use social skills, it really means we adapt our social behavior around the situation (we call that the “hidden social rules”) and the people in the situation (their thoughts) to get them to respond to us in the manner we had hoped they would.

Social Thinking® is a methodology of concepts, frameworks, strategies and lessons developed by Michelle Garcia Winner in California. In a Social Thinking® group, we use a specific framework to help students understand hidden social rules, observe their social environment, read cues to figure out other people’s thoughts, feelings and intentions (also called perspective taking), and adapt their social behaviors around this information.

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